Christian Olivier

Olivier Family

I am Christian Olivier, a qualified and registered podiatrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (CH0004006) and the South African Podiatry Association. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in 2002.

Why the slogan, “Treating Your Sole?”

Well, some of you may have noticed on my business cards the words: “Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news,” and the words, “Make this a resting place for Your feet,” at the entrance to my practice. The reason for this, is that I not only want to treat your required need on the soles of your feet, but also those of your soul.

I have recently sold two practices in Johannesburg. Both were situated in the up market and reputable N.H.C. Health Centre’s. The goal of setting up not only one but two busy established practices, was met and satisfied. Now, the new challenge of setting up rooms in the Cape is a fulfilment of a long and exciting childhood dream, which is strongly met by my wife and two young children.

To my existing Johannesburg patients who have done a search on me, and should be reading this now, know that you will be dearly missed. You have all made my job interesting and challenging and I will not forget the many meaningful conversations we shared. Many of you allowed me into your lives, and it’s an honour to not only call you another client or patient, but true friends. Please come visit me should you be staying in this amazing part of South Africa. As you enjoy all the beauty it has to offer, may you be more understanding of my move here with my family.

Olivier Family2 To the new enquirer and possible patient, know that meeting your medical need will be my first priority. Don’t take offense, but my goal is to see you as little as possible and to meet your need in such a way that future intervention will hopefully not be necessary.
To those patients who enjoy their foot treatments and don’t actually have any pain or pathology, you welcome to come as often as you like. It’s in these cases I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully make many more friends. What a great job I have!

My special Interests are paediatric podiatry. This is an area where medical intervention must be carefully and ethically motivated. Being a father of two young kids myself, making the correct decision as to the best intervention has become much easier.

Sports podiatry is also close to my heart, being a sports fanatic my whole life, assisting you in reaching and maintaining your goals is an absolute priority.

Nail surgery is also a treatment I love doing. After getting past the unfortunate but essential local anaesthetic, the procedure itself is highly successful and cosmetically aesthetically pleasing. The post

-operative pain is minimal or not at all in some cases, and the results very satisfying to both patient and practitioner.
But if your need is general podiatry treatment like corns or callouses, trimming nails, managing dry cracked heels, whether you young or old, as long as you open to good conversation in those 30 minutes, there will once again be enjoyment for both patient and practitioner.

So book a consultation where I’ll be, TREATING YOUR SOLE