Laser Toenail Fungus Removal



Many patients struggle from thickened, discoloured and miss-formed toe nails. This is most likely caused by a common condition referred to as Onychomycosis, or Fungal Infections of the toe nails.For many it can be an embarrassing condition and for ladies, often hidden beneath a coat of nail varnish. It is a very common organism and can be picked up almost anywhere; however, people visiting spas, change rooms and swimming pools are particularly vulnerable.

There are many treatment options, most of which are expensive, have side effects and require strict treatment compliance due to lengthy treatment programmes.



Laser treatment is finally available to all patients struggling with this condition. In most cases it requires at least three laser treatments and has no side effects. Multiple nails can be treated in one appointment setting with a single nail requiring as little as 3 minute’s exposure to the laser. A warm feeling can be felt during treatment which may last a brief period afterwards. There is no special care needed following treatment and ladies may immediately resume using nail varnish.

There are some important tips following laser tratment to ensure preventing re-infection of the nail. Normal healthy nail growth will continue following treatment, and by abiding by the essential tips preventing re-infection, a person can expect healthy normal looking nails once the nail has grown out.


No longer do you have to be embarrassed about the state of your toe nails; no longer do you need to hide them away in closed shoes. Avoid the side effects of conventional treatment and the lengthy treatment programmes of topical treatment applications.

Laser treatment no longer available at our practice.