Foot Orthotics in Cape Town


Named after the Greek word ortho, which means to straighten or align, orthotics is a specialised medical field that focuses on biomechanical inserts used to address problems arising from incorrect alignment of the feet and lower limbs.

As an experienced podiatrist, I aim to give patients the best treatment plan to provide lasting comfort, mobility and flexibility for all foot and leg related problems. From my practice in Century City, and my consulting rooms in Panorama and Long Beach, I provide a variety of solutions to patients seeking orthotics in Cape Town.

By evaluating each patient’s unique functional and cosmetic needs, assessing the best possible treatment choices, designing, fitting and aligning custom moulded inserts and educating my patients on using their foot orthosis correctly, I have found that a holistic approach is one that provides significant results.

In addition to my orthotics services, I also offer a wide range of podiatric services for all other foot-related concerns. To learn more about orthotics in Cape Town, contact us today to book a consultation.

Detailed Information on Orthotics in Podiatry

Whether caused by injury, deformities or even conditions that affect the shape and structure of the foot, the use of a custom made orthosis can have significant results, allowing those with lower limb problems a solution that offers support, mobility and in many cases, pain relief.

Before prescribing this treatment option, I first do a full clinical assessment that includes gait analysis and various other diagnostic tools to ensure that there are no other options available. In too many instances orthotic therapy is over-prescribed. In some cases, poorly made inserts can cause even more problems.

Runners and other athletes as well as those with specific conditions, injuries and muscle or joint irregularities, may require orthotics to ensure the full use of the affected limbs is possible. When this treatment option is prescribed, the type of insert is determined by the affected part of the lower limb, weight of the patient and type of condition.

What conditions will typically require an orthotic, and what types of inserts are prescribed to ensure the best results?

When is an Orthotic Required?


After a full assessment is done, I will evaluate the patient’s specific condition to find the best course of action. Some of the ways that orthotics can assist various foot related problems include the following:

  • Provides additional support to lower limbs by stabilising gait
  • Accommodation for foot, knee, hip and spine deformities
  • Stabilises the ankle and lower leg to assist in the management of arthritis
  • Stops, limits or assists motion in specific joints
  • Assists those with neurological or muscular impairment
  • Relieves pressure and realigns joints affected by diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis
  • Provides support and pain relief during recovery of knee, ankle and other lower limb injuries