Our Podiatric Services

Correct trimming of nails.
Careful removal of ingrowing nails.
Surgical treatments of recurrent in-growing and infected nails.
Filing thickened nails.
Treatment of fungal infected nails.
Removal of corns and callous.
Management of dry, cracked heels.
Treatment of skin infections (fungal, bacterial, viral.)
Treatment plans for warts.
Management of sweaty or dry feet.
Footwear advice.
Modifications on footwear.
Biomechanical assessments.
Management plans for sports related injuries of the foot, ankle ,lower leg, knee, upper leg, hips and lower back.
Manufacturing of custom made orthotics (shoe inserts.)
Manufacturing simple innersoles.
Modifying sock liners.
Assessing children’s feet and legs (flat feet, pigeon toed gait, knock knees, scoliosis etc.)
Biomechanical assessments for runners.
Amongst other servic
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